Globetrotting with LV: Part 2 – Paris Haul Revealed (ii)

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  1. Following from Globetrotting with LV: Part 1

    Here is my last lot from Par-ie.. I miss Paris already!

    I got some other stuff too for my friends but its really unfair to reveal her stuff, but I thought I let you know she got a Damier Organiser and Jean Key ring.... if she lets, I see if i can post those goodies some time...

    But in the mean time... I thought I might play a little game.. :graucho:

    Guessie Guessie?!?!? :confused1:


  2. :popcorn:
  3. Ooh what's in the boxes???
  4. AHHH! open open open!
  5. Oooooh undress your boxes!! Is there a Wapity and Wallet in the smaller boxes?
  6. i'm watching this thread. haha. i don't have any guesses.
  7. ok ok ok.. i can't wait any longer either.. Karma will get me if I hold you guys in too much suspense..

  8. .. am I taking too long?

  9. no take your time...;)
  10. Ahhhh!!! Everything is gorgeous.

    Congrats on your new babies!!

    Love your scarf. :heart:
  11. omg, i'd be happy with just the little holder pouch the suprise comes in! so cute!!!:heart:

  12. OK yes, now your taking tooooooooooo LLLLOOOOOONNNNGGGGG!!!:choochoo:
  13. Hurry
  14. Ok... Here we go.

    A Little somethang somethang for the BH

    and a little somethang somethang for ME! me me me me me!! heheh Hihih :wlae::nuts::graucho:




  15. Its all so pretty!

    what does BH stand for?