Globetrotting with LV: Part 1 - Paris Haul Revealed

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Jun 2, 2006
As some of you might have known (as per “LV in Action thread”) I’ve been on the road for the last month or so.

And as most of you have guessed or seen, I did make a significant pit stop in Paris – the mother land of LV and picked up a few things.

Here for your viewing pleasure. No limited editions or hot of the self items. Just some items I have waited for long time… and some on impulse ( I say why NOT?!?!!?) :yes:

I know how fun it is to see others revealed their LV purchases so I hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as I did swiping the AMEX card (not) :yahoo:

Friends Apartment

Teaser Pic

First Lot - Whoa La

Second Lot

Third Lot

Ok oK here it is...

Lockit GM

More to come.. Stay tune for part 2 heheehhe


Sep 17, 2007
Ooh la la Loving absolutely everything so far! We have similar taste ;)

edit: Just imagining purchasing all that LV in one trip made me giddy!

Deleted member 20806

Um, I can just faint with envy haha. Love all the bags and boxes and of course your LV! Love the Epi Keepall!! Can't wait to see the rest. :nuts::nuts:I'll be in Paris next year but I think I'll only have one small bag and not a haul like you hehe


Oct 2, 2007
WoW WoW WoW Congrats! A lot of great stuff!!! I will be leaving to Paris in 4 weeks and hope to pick up something wonderful there, looks like you picked up some good ones!