Globetrotters anyone?

  1. Those with Globetrotter agenda' do you like them? Pros? Cons? .............just, you know...wondering is all.

  2. I have the Globe-Trotter. Weekly calendar on one side; notebook on the other.

    Pros...Love the zip, love the calendar/notebook the zipper closure on the interior back side...

    Con...Not enough card slots...slots are too far (typically airline, hotel, and business cards) are a bit jumbled...
  3. Wait.. is this a wallet? or an agenda. Because I have an agenda and it's call the Globe-trotter agenda. And it doesn't have the zip or anything, two inside pockets front and back, and 2 sets of hooks on the inside for calendar and address books
  4. Yes, mine is an agenda. It has two sets of hooks...I have the calendar on the front set and notebook on the back. The front has one post-it note slot, 5 card slots, and one slide pocket; the back has 3 card slots, a zipper pouch and a slide pocket. It is approximately 4 years old...and very badly needs servicing!
  5. They're OK as agendas sister has called me all sorts of silly when I got mine as she said she gets her agendas free yearly from her company and it functions just as well and 'sides, you throw them away at the end of each year anyway.

    My sister...ah hem...doesn't get it!

    Pros -'s Hermes!! And I love the pop of color in my bag.

    Cons - can't think of any.
  6. Wow, I'm thinking of getting one of these. Can anyone give me the approx € price? TIA!
  7. Ditto! I LOVE mine! Got it in Rodeo Orange (Smells like heaven!) I will look tomorrow at the cost...I think mine was $1400 not including the inserts...I have the Calender on the right...The Blank (no lines) Notebook on the right...fits my checkbook register...who really needs all their checs with them! LOL...and I LOVE the Zip flat pouch and the fact that the entire Agenda can be secured by a zipper!

    I used to LOSE everything in my other planners...NOT ANYMORE!!:wlae:
  8. I have had one for a few years now and love it still. I love the fact that it zips and can hold a calendar, addresses, and notes. It is absolutely my favorite agenda ever.