Globetrotter Agenda GM

  1. Hi ladies,

    Does anyone know the price of this agenda (the GM) in one of the less expensive leathers (not croc or lizard). I know the PM is around $290, so I am wondering how they go up accordingly. Thanks ladies!!!
  2. GM with one hook in a classic leather like (epsom, box, chevre mysore...) around : 220 euros
    GM with one hook but with loops (can put a pencil or a ball point pen in silver) : 240 euros + 135 euros for the pencil in silver without chain...
  3. ^^Really? Thats the Globetrotter GM? Cause the smaller Agenda de Poche is like 290 usd. And 220 euros is only 280 usd. Then theres the Agenda de Poche GM is that the one you mean? Thanks for the info!