Globe Trotter Zip Diary C


Dutch in the USA
Apr 24, 2007
USA and Amsterdam
I'm shocked!!!! jicks.... I'm happy you were able to straighten this out. AAN.

Melliesmom... well at least you are able to pass on your grandchildren :smile: I cherish everything my grandma gave me... her mink stole... jewelry :smile: and I just got my granddads watch for my son later (he died about 30 years ago)

still though... I don't see how you can get blacklisted for something you didn't want.
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Mar 28, 2006
iiving the dream
Yikes is right. At first, I thought you meant it was a gift and I was thinking WOW. But sending you an expensive item without discussion is more than a bit pushy.


Extreme Hermès!
Aug 28, 2007
Orange World
It was sent without my knowledge and included with my purchase. Many of my SA do this. I have a closet full of add on extras. I know that the one time I returned a chiffon scarf (not a pretty one), black listed from that store but my husband and grandaughter aren't. My husband has never stepped foot in an Hermes store. I call as his "private secretary".
Goodness me, I've never known or heard of such thing. How can a store deliver something without your knowledge and make you pay for it? Then, you are blacklisted for returning something that you don't like?! This is an utter rubbish, I must say.

This is bad ...


Loves Bags
Jul 28, 2007
AAB and melliesmom, I'm SHOCKED about your experiences. You should not at all be "given" those add-ons, and you should be given a FULL return (not just store credit).


Mar 18, 2006
It happened to me years (eons) ago also at the Madison or used to be Fifth Ave store. I left my Amex number to my SA to have her charge my requests (a kelly and a couple of birkins) when they come in and have it sent to my apt in NYC or to my friends' houses as I was going to be overseas for a few months.

Voila! A few months later....:shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked: when I got my cc bill! I've got a TON, literally 15-20 bags shipped to me and my friend's addresses in NY/NJ area in a span of 3 months! I don't even like some of the bags shipped to me - like Yeoh bags (more than one, mind you), kelly ados, and bolides and kellys!!! I had to fly back to NYC to straighten it out. Got a car service to go through my friends' houses to pick up all the bags and then return probably half of them. The SA was let go soon after!!!
That's INSANE! My LV SA is the exact opposite- she won't even take my cc number because she says they're not allowed to have it on file. I guess having to read it to her every time I order over the phone is better than the possible alternative :P


Sep 13, 2006
Ehhh....I guess it's up the SA.

My LV and Lacoste SAs have my CC on file. I've never received an incorrect charge and it's simply a convenience for me..ya know..those purchases that you HAD TO HAVE on your JUST BROWSING days..


Jun 14, 2007
I have the pleasure of having one forced (surprise in box) on me with my purchase of the Troika 28 HAC. Does anyone know what inserts are available for this unwanted violet croc and size for this large diary. I want to order over the phone from a different store with the hope that I don't end up with a pink cashmere scarf or a croc motorcycle as an add on.
Thanks in advance.:love:
I hope you found those inserts? I still think violet croc is beautiful!

plum blossom

Aug 8, 2007
melliesmom, your SA and you have such an interesting arrangement. And it sounds like you don't mind getting little surprises sent to you, just like a personal shopper.

There are blank, diary, address book inserts for the globetrotter. They're available online.

Do you have pictures of the croc? It sounds beautiful. Your granddaughters are so lucky.


Bolduc Ribbon Girl
Apr 30, 2007
WOW!! More negative Hermes SA stories.
That is why I used my AMEX for my two small
reveals, I heard they had great customer service.
(Just in case something goes wrong)

Between this thread and Ranag's I'm almost
afraid to visit a boutique.


Jun 23, 2007
This is from Nov. 2007, a very old thread. I changed SA and stores since this date. I prefer using AX as well. The only thing still the same is the violet croc agenda, which sits on my desk unused but colorful.