Globe Trotter Zip Diary C

  1. I have the pleasure of having one forced (surprise in box) on me with my purchase of the Troika 28 HAC. Does anyone know what inserts are available for this unwanted violet croc and size for this large diary. I want to order over the phone from a different store with the hope that I don't end up with a pink cashmere scarf or a croc motorcycle as an add on.
    Thanks in advance.:love:
  2. I think that violet croc is fabulous. I don't know what the globe trotter is but it sounds great to me!
  3. It was sent without my knowledge and included with my purchase. Many of my SA do this. I have a closet full of add on extras. I know that the one time I returned a chiffon scarf (not a pretty one), black listed from that store but my husband and grandaughter aren't. My husband has never stepped foot in an Hermes store. I call as his "private secretary".
  4. Oh I wouldn't mind an add on like that:smile:unless ofcourse you have to pay for something you do not want. Mine is filled with an adressbook, calendar and planner and note its:smile:
  5. Thanks for the help. As I'm planning on using it I wanted an insert. It's a little large for a 28HAC but will work in a 32 HAC, 35 Birkin, or a 37 Bolide. The violet croc is a lovely color. It's so much nicer then my previous add on's. My grandaughter will accept anything I don't want.
  6. You could always rotate it in your 28 :smile: I mean widest part up.... and that way your granddaughter will always have something special from you

  7. I have never heard of this. They send you something you do not ask for and charge you for it? How canyou tell that you have been blacklisted?
  8. This is were your charged for it? How can they blacklist you for returning something you never requested in the first place?
  9. Good idea, try it vertical in the HAC. I have 5 grandaughters, it's just that the oldest will be going to college in the fall and is permitted by her mom to accept smaller items such as bracelets, scarves,etc. A BNIB Her Bag will be her 18th birthday gift in March saved and bought from The others are to young but there's enough for all when they are of age. That's my excuse for being an Hermes addict to my DH, that it will stay in the family.
    Yes, I receive added and charged for items when I purchase in the NYC Madison Ave. but not other Herme's stores. I think returns were discussed in another thread on Madison Ave. I believe it depends on your SA.
  10. This makes no sense to me. i have never heard anything like this and have shopped at hermes for years and know many SA's in many stores and have friends who are frequent shoppers...................
  11. It happened to me years (eons) ago also at the Madison or used to be Fifth Ave store. I left my Amex number to my SA to have her charge my requests (a kelly and a couple of birkins) when they come in and have it sent to my apt in NYC or to my friends' houses as I was going to be overseas for a few months.

    Voila! A few months later....:shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked: when I got my cc bill! I've got a TON, literally 15-20 bags shipped to me and my friend's addresses in NY/NJ area in a span of 3 months! I don't even like some of the bags shipped to me - like Yeoh bags (more than one, mind you), kelly ados, and bolides and kellys!!! I had to fly back to NYC to straighten it out. Got a car service to go through my friends' houses to pick up all the bags and then return probably half of them. The SA was let go soon after!!!

    My current SA has my cc number but ALWAYS calls me up first to let me know if I wanted something before charging the item. Plus, I am there so often anyways... heh!
  12. ^^WOW, AAB!!! I am glad that you sorted it, despite all that trouble, and I do think that the resolution was correct.

    Yes, my SA has my CC #, but there have NEVER been any purchases that we have not previously discussed and frankly, I'd be a bit angry. I enjoy doing my own shopping.

    As for the Globetrotter Zip, I have own and find it quite useful.
  13. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    I am blown away by the nerve of this. OMG!
    It is a little hilarious, imagine if you hadnt contacted your friend for a couple of years, and she was just huddled in a little corner of her apartment, surrounded by orange boxes full of weird bags.

    but mostly its shocking.