Globe Shopper GM

  1. :yahoo: This bag could beat out the MC speedy as my favorite LV bag. Does anyone have pictures of them wearing theirs? OR, does anyone have pictures of the bags itself to show me, so i can fall in love with it even more.

    I am going to have to keep searching eBay for one right now, Let-trade has one right now, but its a little old and dirty.

    Wish me luck guys :heart:
  2. GM is pretty big. Here is my MM. HTH.

  3. twinkle.tink

    IT is gorgeous, I love the MM size, but i need a bag that can fit a change of clothes, so the gm is my only choice.

    i love the blue color though!!
  4. I saw the pink (red?) pm one IRL on campus and it's TDF :love: looks big enough to me!
  5. its gorgeous IRL isnt karman!!

    sigh, i want one soo bad.
  6. Good luck, Sophia! I think you should get the MC Speedy first though before the price increase!
  7. :yes: yup, since the Globe Shopper is no longer sold in store, you can find them at later time.
    OT-love your new avatar:nuts:
  8. I love it.
  9. I've always been attracted to this tote myself, and would love to see it IRL, but have not, as of yet.
    I also agree your new avatar is lovely!
  10. aw thanks ladies.

    Yeah, you guys are right, I am almost there, the MC speedy is almost in my hands! I am going to Atlanta proabably this weekend, Ill see. ^_^

    Thanks ladies, and especially Michelle, or i would have so gotten the Globe Shopper GM first.
  11. aw and thanks for the nice comments about my avatar ladies :smile:

    mucho amor :heart:3
  12. ITA, it went up quite a bit last time...if you're wanting that, go for that first!
  13. by the way, is Feb. 1st the price increase date?
  14. omg!!!! how cute!
  15. This is actually one of my dream bags as well but unfortunately it came out before I started really getting into LV. I've been trying to keep an eye out on some good deals on this bag (the blue one).