Globe Shopper Cabas


Jan 29, 2006
I LOVE THIS BAG. I like the blue version better, but it's not online. I love how fresh, summery and nautical this looks! Does anyone have this bag?

Oooo! Thanks for the pics PurseFanatic! I want the blue one... I would buy it if I were sure I could still carry it after this one summer season... it's not exactly timeless.
When I first saw the ad for this purse I thought it was hideous. I saw a girl with a small red one in person--I didn't think it was very impressive...

But it has grown on me. I think it'd be cute in blue.
I have the wee one in red, I would have liked to have the MM but they didn't have it. I really like it because it's different from the what you usually see from LV. I also LOVE the shoes although I would never wear the same time I wore the bag. That would be overkill!