Globe Shopper Cabas

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  1. I LOVE THIS BAG. I like the blue version better, but it's not online. I love how fresh, summery and nautical this looks! Does anyone have this bag?

  2. I really didnt like these when they first came out, but some people look really cute with them :biggrin: Not my thing though.
  3. One lady on here does or did. Can't remember what size though. I want the big one in red.

  4. Oooo! Thanks for the pics PurseFanatic! I want the blue one... I would buy it if I were sure I could still carry it after this one summer season... it's not exactly timeless.
  5. Have you seen the matching shoes?
  6. Speedysteph, no.... are they online?!
  7. They are kinda ugly...
  8. Awww.... yeah, plus with the bag it would be uber-overkill. Oh well, I don't want to spend $500 on shoes anyway!
  9. When I first saw the ad for this purse I thought it was hideous. I saw a girl with a small red one in person--I didn't think it was very impressive...

    But it has grown on me. I think it'd be cute in blue.
  10. Star has those in blue! I think they would be pretty cool with jeans!:biggrin:
  11. I have the wee one in red, I would have liked to have the MM but they didn't have it. I really like it because it's different from the what you usually see from LV. I also LOVE the shoes although I would never wear the same time I wore the bag. That would be overkill!
  12. Oh sorry Starr.. :shame: they just seem weird to me. Maybe with the perfect outfit.
  13. I think they are ok...not doing anything to me...there are like quite a few of them at the LV store lying on the floor(?) not many people look at them though....