Globe Shopper Cabas MM ... recommended?

  1. [​IMG]

    Who's a fan of the Trunks and Bags Cabas MM?

    practical and yet colorful and fashionable?

    I haven't seen many of these and I actually don't know if they were released recently or a few seasons ago...

    Any opinions on this bag?
  2. I looooove the Globe Shopper Cabas. I hope to own a blue MM one someday... :nuts:

    The Globe Shopper Cabas bags were released in 2006, are discontinued, and sold out worldwide.
  3. <----LoVe it! You might want to check w/let-trade, they have it from time to time, and their price are always reasonable than eBay. It's not a light bag even it's made of canvas due to hardware, but it's super cute! good luck!