Globe Shopper Bag MM - What was the Original Retail?

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  1. Anybody knows? TIA :yes: Who has it and likes it?
  2. I Have It And Like It. It Is The Perfect Size Of All The Three. It Retailed At $1099.00 + Tax I Am Pretty Sure. The Only Thing Is You Have To Be Careful Cause It Is Canvas Not Leather. Last Summer I Got Mine A Little Dirty. But It Still Looks Good And Not Alot Of People Got Them And I Always Get Compliments On Mine.
  3. No $1199.99 + Tax
  4. One Of Them But I Think The Higher One.
  5. Thanks princess. :smile:
  6. I paid $1280 plus tax when it came out. :smile: (MM size)

    GM was $1570 and PM was $1070
  7. well i was close.
  8. those bags are so great
    let-trade has some listed I think...