Global search: i'm looking for ink box

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  1. Ladies...after receiving the calcaire box i've realized that the box is one of my favourite a first but it holds a lot!

    Ink is lovely, i have an ink oval but i would like to buy an ink box.... if you see one lonely ink box in the world..plase Pm me!!!
  2. I just laughed out loud when I saw this thread l_b!!!!!!!! Global search! That is so cute! I will keep an eye out for you!!!!!!!!!
  3. awe, i know what you mean about lovin' the box style l_b should try giving "barney's" in nyc a SA's name is martin & he's an absolute doll :heart:
  4. If ever I hear about one , I'll let you know, as inklovers we need to help each other!:P :yes:
  5. Zac and Aaalla : Can i buy from Italy?
    Catcat: Thanks!
  6. I agree with aaallabama. I saw one at Barney's a few ago, most likely it's still there.
  7. ^yup, i saw an ink box in the barneys in nyc in november!
  8. ^^ darnit, i just called & they only have black :Push:

    p.s. best of luck in your search l_b :heart:
  9. I want an ink city myself. I have called everyone and no one has one except that really worked over one someone told me about in Toronto. Anyone know of any?
  10. The Barney's in MA shipped an Ink twiggy to Helenz and she's in New Zeland~ did I spell that right? LOL
  11. l-b i just sent you a PM. Call them and good luck!:sweatdrop:
  12. Girls do you think that i have to wait to see the marine IRL before buying the ink box ?
  13. from the pics I think the marine looks great..they just won't be making it in the box style so if you're wanting a box, you'd have to go for one in a previous season..
  14. :yes: I am waiting to see the marine before I decide between it and ink...the new leather looks grrrrrreat too, so it might be worth holding out for :wlae: