Global Incident Map

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  1. Thought everyone here would find this really useful. It's a map that shows all of the "incidents" going on in the world, and it updates every 300 seconds. You can click on them or zoom in to see details about the events. I just found out there was a bomb threat only a half hour away from me! I had no idea until I had this sent to me.

    Didn't find anything in a search, so I apologize if this has been posted before. Enjoy.
  2. That is so neat!! I bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing!
  3. That is interesting. Thanks!
  4. Cool!

    I wrote down the URL.
  5. very cool, thanks for sharing, im going to save the site.
  6. Oh wow thanks. Very informative. Hope everything on there is accurate..
  7. omg SO COOL!!!!
  8. that's awesome, I bookmarked it too, thanks for posting the info :heart:
  9. That's a really neat use of technology. It makes world events even more disturbing, doesn't it?