Glitterati-will it be available in more colors?


Aug 6, 2008
MHB got back to me and they won't be carrying the glitterati. It will only be available by the retailers that ordered it in the spring and Tano won't be making any additional bags so we can't order it.....
I really wish that this bag was available in blueberry since I just got a grape boogie it wouldn't make sense to get a grape glitterati since they are so similar...oh well, I'm sure that they will have another bag coming up that I will
watson's mom... please post pics when you get your black glitterati!:drool:


Nov 3, 2006
This bag is a twist on last Fall's VVGG (vixen van go go) but without all the detailing and with a different construction on the top. Personally I loved VVGG and I wasnt crazy about this interpretation. I hoping Tano will bring back VVGG soon.
Yeah... I think I agree. WHile I like this- it def. doesn't beat the VVGG IMO! While I like the glitterati, if I was going to go for the "plain look" I would go for the shopper!