Glitter Perfo???

  1. Hello...I was in my mom's closet the other day checking if she had any old things that I might like. I came across this LV box and opened it, which was a really really dumb thing to do, because afterwards I realized it might be for my birthday... :Push: Major guilt trip. I can't believe I'm even posting this!

    Anyway, it was a wallet with... :


    (that is from a fake, but it looks something like this - with yellow glitter in the perforated..ness)
    Does this print even exist? :shrugs: Because the only place I think my mom would have bought this is at the LV store - there are no records of it on our ebay account, etc. Thanks!
  2. I have not heard of this design, but I am still a "newbie".
  3. I've never seen it, hmmmm where are Jm & lvbabydoll..... they would know. Put it in the authenticate thread at the top of the page.
  4. i would but im leaving in like 5 minutes and cant sit down to figure out how to move/delete this one XD...hopefully when i get back i'll have an answer.

    hopefully a good one :s
  5. Does your mom usually give you nice gifts? Im unsure as well.
  6. perforated only came in orange/green and pink

  7. The perfo wallet came in Orange, Fuschia, and Green. Are you sure it wasn't Orange? Maybe it just looked shimmery. I would need to see a pic of it for sure.
  8. hmmm never know about this. i've never seen glitter perfo on LV store before :smile:
  9. Hmmm... from my knowledge, Glittery Perforated bags do not exist... I do agree with Elongreach with the bag maybe looking shimmery... ;)
  10. Yeah..there was a glitter line but it looked nothing like that.
    The actual Perfo line was only made in the colors like elongreach said, but is it possible to get a better picture? Because with the perfo bags, there isn't anything IN the holes and that's what that picture looks like it has..
    The only thing I can think of is maybe there was something glittery (like tissue paper) in the wallet so it LOOKED like there was glitter in the holes instead.
  11. Lvbabydoll, the wallet has the color in the background of the holes. Here is some pics of my perfo wallet. Maybe this will help a little.
    perfo1.jpg perfo2.jpg perfo3.jpg perfo4.jpg perfo5.jpg
  12. I have an orange perfo plate and it does not in anyway look glittery. They never made any glittery perfo bags or accessories. I am sure.
  13. Yeah I figured.
    Oh much as I hate to say it, the piece is probably isn't real..I've never seen anything with glitter actually in the holes like that...
  14. Oh also, the "holes" in the first picture actually look smaller than the ones on the actual perfo bags.