Glitter Patent Slingback

  1. i like the black...because it just has a hint of colour
  2. Those are so sexy!!! Love them. I want the pink too, but I am afraid that I will look too much like Barbie.:girlsigh:
  3. I'm thinking of buying the black ones for work. Do you guys think it will be too glittery?
  4. no i think it will be very faint...i mean when the light catches it you notice it but they wouldn't be too flashy
  5. You're right sara. I think they just added a picture of the black one because I didn't see it there before. Anyway, I just pre-ordered mine in black.
  6. ooh i love the black ones!
  7. Super cute!!!
  8. those have a special place in my heart.
  9. i was thinking about the black glitter last night before I fell asleep..
  10. I want them in black but i just ordered the glitter black in the yoyo's so i am trying to decide if they are too similar, but they are soo cute
  11. I love these. I saw them the other day and would love to get them in black :love:
  12. I like them,too!
  13. i love the pink ones if i could wear that heel height i would buy them in a heartbeat