Glitter eyeliner -- cute and fun!

  1. OK, I'm no spring chicken anymore but I just had to try this stuff. I saw this pretty aqua blue glitter eyeliner on a flight attendant last month and thought, "How cute! Don't know if I can pull it off with these crow's feet but I'll give it a shot!" So I did up my eyes with shades of gray and blue eyeshadow, lined my eyes with smudgy charcoal liner, and applied a thin line of Urban Decay's glitter liner in "Air Guitar" (a very pretty, aqua blue) along my upper lashes. Wow, CUTE! It's definitely not a daytime look...unless you work a makeup counter at a department store or are a hair stylist/makeup artist....but it's very GLAM for a fun night out on the town.

    Has anyone else tried this? I swear, you will have so much fun with it!!

  2. I tested those at Sephora! They are so fun!

    Don't know if I'll ever wear it though....
  3. These sound like fun. I'm no spring chicken either, but I may have to try these.
  4. I love Urban Decay!!

    They have such fun products and are TOTALLY opposed to animal testing:smile:
  5. I love these glitter liners! Their liquid liner colors are also terrific! :yes:
  6. I've actually been using glitter eyeliner for almost two years..but for some reason..I always use it during the winter..and never during the summer.

    It really does glam up the look during the cold winters here!!! :yes:
  7. They look fun.
  8. I have the green, black, silver and brown ones. I love them.
  9. Looks cute but I haven't worn that kind of makeup since middle school. Maybe I'll drop by Sephora and test it out.
  10. I have the Bronze! I love it and am planning on getting the Spandex I think its a dark blue/purple. I just turned 39.. but I love my makeup..and I love to play it up when I go out at night.
    One thing..
    These really do stay on! I have a hard time getting them to come off.
  11. I use the silver a lot.
    I layer it on top of my regular eyeliner or use it directly as under eyeliner!:yes:
  12. ack! I just went out and bought the Spandex! yay! Its a beautiful blueish purple..They also have 3 new ones! Midnight cowboy rides again, its a champagne glitter, a whitish silver glitter, and another gorgeous green one..real bright!
  13. They look really nice.think I need to get me some of those :biggrin:
  14. Teesa -- that Spandex sounds very interesting! I may just have to get that for the holidays. :smile:
  15. I have the purple one and even tho I am over 40 I will wear it once in a while just for the heck of it.