Glitter Ball...

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  1. Hi all,

    I saw this glitter ball key chain in the new LV catalog I received last week and I was thinking of getting one. I haven't seen it IRL but I do know that it comes in silver and gold. Which color should I choose??? :shrugs:

    Thanks! ;)

  2. How about both ?? so you can hang each one to match your bag hardwares.
    If you only can get one, choose the color bags hardwares you have most...I assume it's gold.
  3. I agree with bags, get both, there really pretty irl!
  4. Nita,

    Have you seen it IRL? Do you think it will look good hanging on the bags? Or is it too long? Thanks!

  5. Ugh...I wish I can get both, but I'm waiting for the mirior line to come out too. Are they pretty heavy/sturdy for it's size?
  6. Oh yeah, are they out yet, or do they launch Dec 1st too?
  7. There out already, I looked at them in he case, but I'm going back tomorrow, so I can definitely get back to you with how they weigh.

  8. I wished! No I haven't seen it IRL. I saw someone with thread having discoball hanging on the bag. Yes, it's kinda long keychain but if the bag is tall enough like Saleya,Mezzo etc, it can gets away with it.
  9. Thanks! I'm trying to stay away from the boutiques til the 1st so I won't get tempted. LoL.
  10. I have a Mezzo...good idea.
  11. Lol they're adorable. I hate to say it, but I think I "need" both hehe.
  12. Babydoll, you need to get both! I want to see them!
  13. Rebecca, I know, both is a good way to go, specially when you "NEED" them. :yes:
  14. I have seen both and they are very cute....I liked the gold as it matches the gold hardware on my bags. They are pretty heavy ....I didn't purchase one as I don't really use the key chains:shame:
  15. Definitely gold!! cuz it will go with all ur LV bags.....i love it when they match :smile:
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