Glitter and Gold - Two of my favorite things.

  1. I had been searching for a pair of brown/caramel shades for a while now. I've had the same pair of black Chanel mother of pearl sunglasses for a couple of years, and always thought, "Who needs more than one pair of sunglasses?". Well, obviously I do, because I fell in love with the Ursula GM in light glitter honey :love: They look great on, very flattering, not too flashy, and I love the caramel and glitter combination.

    No more picture-fests from me. I am now on a major bag, shoe and accessories ban until my birthday in May, mainly because if everything goes according to plan, BF and I are moving to Austin in July :nuts: But, that makes the case for buying these even better - it's sunny and hot there, too ;)



  2. Now that is seriously a glamourous pair of shades! Congrats!
  3. OOOH, those are GORGEOUS! And the magpie in me is totally lovin' the sparkle. What a great choice and a wonderful compliment to your Chanels. They will be great to wear in Austin.
  4. Congrats! What gorgeous sunglasses!
  5. Hey Megs has those too!!! THey are sooooo pretty!!! I did not realize you all were moving in July!!! are you excited?
  6. Thoese are gorgeous! Congrats! How much were they? Did you get them at the LV store?
  7. Beautiful! The glitter is absolutely gorgeous, love how it complements the color! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous!! I really love these sunnies!
  9. I saw her post about them, and I knew if the PF Queen has them, they must be worth it :p

    As far as we know, we're moving. LOL! That sounds strange, but there are positive things going on for me at work which may have us rethinking the move. Those potential opportunities haven't panned out yet, so we're waiting to see what happens. We've been wanting to move to Austin since last year! This indecisiveness is driving me nuts :wacko:

    Danicky, I PMed you ;) I bought them at LV in Palm Beach Gardens.
  10. lovely! congrats!
  11. Gorgeous shades!!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Congrats! Very nice!
  14. wow, very pretty ... congrats!
  15. Those are really nice, congrats!!