Glitch in NM?????

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  1. OMG!! I have been browsing website since two hrs ago...and just realized...they put up a lot of stuffs...I can't believe there a glitch? I have made more than 5 orders so far...but I am wondering...would they contact me on monday and tell me because of they have to cancel my order???:nuts:
  2. What stuff did they put up ? I dont see anything new there !!:confused1:
  3. No glitch. I placed tons of NM orders last night too. BG was putting up lots of great bags and other stuff too. Lucky for us! :yahoo:

    Oh and yes you can expect some cancellations on discounted bags. Some of my orders have already been canceled. But my Chloe Edith Satchel in Chamois from BG is still in process (not canceled) so I know I'll be getting that at least!
  4. Can you share some of the links with us ? :smile:
  5. I think we have a lot of the same ones!
  6. ^^^ Any Prada, Miu Miu, YSL or Dior ? Even if they are not available anymore, I'd just like to bookmark them for future (you never know when they come back !). TIA !
  7. Go to Google and search just like this: NOW YSL

    You'll find bags to bookmark. Just change YSL to whatever brand you want. If you get too many results add the word bag to the search. You can do the same thing with BG, but not as many results.

    Have fun!
  8. ^^^ Thanks so much !!!!:heart:
  9. Yeah~since their order history is down, I have to check my orders through them. And I just found out...that more than 60% of my order items are sold out:wtf:. I guess we all expect this would happen right? so not too disappointed tho, I still got some good deals!!:yahoo:

  10. Same thing happened with my order, 2/3 of my items are cancelled, basically all of the premier designer staff. And I was getting so excited... Definitely a big glitch in their inventory system. :tdown:
  11. the silverado is gone!!
  12. What happened was that NM did inventory on May 17. The manager I spoke with said that all orders/credits were “on hold” for a day or two to allow for the inventory counts. This is why they are behind on issuing credits for returned merchandise.

    Maybe this is also why so many items are popping up and available again after being sold out previously. I know from my days in retail years ago that that after inventory, many items that were misplaced or used for display are found and then become available. It could explain why there were so many items available this past weekend. NM must have updated the website after doing inventory. I wish I would have looked harder for deals this weekend!
Thread Status:
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