Glimmer Dies Over Rouge VIF Twiggy! (plus dilemma)

  1. I'm freaking out...I love this bag SO much!

    Now I don't know if all rouge bags will be this glorious or if it's just mine. There are NO veins or shine on this bag whatsoever and it is SMOOSHY! I only own 2006 bags so this is a whole new world for me. I feel like I have a 2004 bag or something! I do notice that it has a different smell. My other two bags have a very distinct leather smell. This bag doesn't really smell like leather...I'm probably smelling the dye.

    Now the I said, this bag is GORGEOUS. It does, however, have six small spots on the back of the bag. I don't know how this bag acts around water but I'd guess they are either water spots, or more likely, dye spots. So do I keep this bag in all its gorgeousness or attempt to exchange? The spots don't really bother me but I'm always thinking of resale value. Has anyone else noticed spots on a new bag? I HIGHLY doubt they are anything but dye spots.

    I guess I'll call Joseph.

    Okay, sorry...I was so anxious to post my pics but I couldn't get a good one of the spots. I'll post more as soon as my dang coworkers leave so I can snap some pics!
  2. oooooooooooh it's GORGEOUS, Glimmer! I would so keep the twiggy if I were you! Actually my 02 caramel classique has uneven spots on the bottom of the bag too... I think it's just variation in the dye and how the leather absorbs it. I love variations, I think that's why these bags are one of a kind :smile:
  3. Thanks hatikuh! I was hoping I'd hear's definitely a variation in the dye but I don't notice that on my other bags (with all the veinyness I wouldn't see them anyway). :smile:
  4. OMG!!! That is just the most gorgeous bag I've seen!!! Do not return- you have a beauty there!!!:love:
  5. Keep It!!!!!!!
  6. Oh Glimmer, it's gorgeous! and Twigyy, Twiggy, Twiggy!!! If you love the bag, don't return it. Anyone buying it after market is going to be a Balenciaga nut and know that the bags are unique and one of a kind, and it's just the way the goat dyed out.

    I wish you well,

  7. Thanks Zacori, Lori, and Bridget!!
  8. Wow !!!Gorgeous :nuts: !!!
    I definately love this Rouge Vif !!!
    If the spots don't bother you, maybe you should keep it...
  9. I can't get the spots to show up in my pics so forget it! Here's another token pic with her sis Blueberry Purse. Love that Rouge doesn't have veins/marbling yet I wouldn't change a thing about my Blueberry. I love everything about that bag!
    rouge and blue.jpg
  10. Oh my goodness, your twiggy is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-i-c-u-s (I know that's not a word but we have to make one up for the Rouge VIF color!). My Rouille twiggy has a couple of uneven spots on it too, so unless it really bothers you, I would just keep and enjoy your gorgeous new Twiggy!! :flowers:
  11. Congratulations! I'd keep it, since to me it just sounds like natural leather variation and not a flaw :smile:
  12. Glimmer,

    The different colors are definitely a leather variation due to the marbling. My Twiggy has it too.
  13. OMG. Soooo beautiful! I'd keep keep keep!
  14. ^ditto! its just a natural variation in the leather... makes it unique! you should name it apaloosa or dalmation or something funny and spotty like that! ;)
  15. I know what you mean but the spots are actually round little spots like water spots. I'm totally over it (no way could I part with this bag) though so no worries!

    Thanks all!
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