Glazing ?

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  1. Hi does my glazing onvthid ouece look ok? It has kinda turned orange ish in the side. I hope itnisnt wearing down! Thx

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  2. More pics

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  3. It obviously bothers you... so take it back.
  4. This post has made me go look at my Multicolore Noir Sarah wallet.. And ehhh I see the same glazing problem starting on both sides. On the parts where the front card pockets are. Sigh. (I almost wish I didn't check anymore! Ha!)

    (I can take photos if someone is interested to see)

    Will LV be able to do something about my wallet even if it's been used every day for almost a year?

    Would you know if they will the replace/fix it for fee? (Honestly, if they will charge me for repair I might as well wait for more "wear and tear" to be done and enjoy the wallet for now). Thanks!
  5. Found my receipt (bought on July 2015) and took photos. See the glazing where my fingernails are pointing.

    This side looks like it will fray soon..


    And the other side, not so bad but starting..


    This wallet was hot stamped too. Gee I really love this wallet. I hope it doesn't get worse! I'd get it again if this falls apart down the line.

    Edit: eek please ignore my manicure. I need it redone haha. It's like a reverse French tip now with the outgrowth!
  6. The glazing color is very normal with MC pieces. It changes colors from dark into red as other glazing's do not. My MC pieces are the same. The overall glazing is perfect so you should be very happy!
  7. OH! then it's ok?!! Good to know! YAHOO! Thank you!