Glazing repair on Pochette Metis

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  1. Anyone know how much it is to reglaze the Pochette Metis? I just noticed that the at the corner, where the flap bends, that a small section of glazing is starting to separate from the canvas. Maybe about an inch of glazing or a little less. I bought the bag preloved. I have the receipt which shows it was purchased in August of 2015 and when it came to me it was maybe worn once. I started using it mid January and have carried it everyday since. When I received it the glazing was not separating. I baby this bag and want to keep this bag. Kinda sad that I have carried it for two months and am very careful and this is starting to happen.

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  2. You should take it in to have it evaluated. More than likely, they will reglaze it. Since it is less than a year old, this is unacceptable. I have bags far older without glazing issues. Having the original receipt will probably help. Let us know how it turns out.
  3. I have emailed the SA that I purchased my Metis Hobo from as I also sent her pics of the monogram strap from it that is doing the same thing. Glazing is starting to separate on the strap. She said as long as the bag is in good condition she would order me a new strap. I then looked over my Pochette and saw that it had the same issue but on the actual purse, so we will see. She said she will be back to work today so I hope to get a reply this morning. I just know that that this is an ongoing issue with the Pochette and I sure hope they reglaze for free, but going forward I am also curious of the cost if it might need it again and I would be out of pocket for it at that point.
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