Glazing on Pochette Felicie peeling off and LV may not fix it :(

Apr 4, 2014
Hi guys,

Im in a bit of a dilemma here. My boyfriend bought me a pochette felicie last year on jan 15 2015 and just last week I noticed the glazing on the two front corners of the purse are peeling. I took it down to the Bloor location and I assumed within a year they should be more than willing to fix. I mean this is a 1k bag. The corners should not be peeling off so easily and I am VERY careful with my bags.
They claimed it was normal wear and tear and when I asked how much it would cost to get it reglazed, the sales associate said that reglazing corner of the bag is NOT an option on the repair list.
I call bs because I've read THOUSANDS of posts about others sending their items to have it reglazed. Now the sales associate was very nice, and offered to take pictures and send them off to have it looked at but she send not to get my hopes up.
I have this really uneasy feeling because this is a sentimental bag to me and Im worried that the peeling will be a bigger issue if I dont get it fixed asap.

Id insert photos but its at my boyfriends place atm.

Any thoughts on what I should do?




Mar 6, 2013
I'm wondering what happened too. I'd love to get a Felicie but pictures of the peeling corners on used bags I've seen are really turning me off.


Nov 3, 2017
If LV will not repair it then you can do it yourself using Edge Kote (assuming you find a color match) or maybe a cobbler will do it. I'm not sure why they wouldn't though. Peeling within a year seems way too soon! Is your Felicie a canvas one or leather? I have an epi one and have heard of the peeling problems. I'm hoping it won't happen to mine...


Aug 3, 2014
They may not be willing to repair it for free but reglazing is one of the most frequent repair requests and can be done for a small fee.