Glazed lambskin leather - is it hard to maintain and what happens if it rains ?

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  1. I am thinking of getting a glazed lambskin but am afraid that it is hard to maintain. Is the lambskin really scratch proof and what happens if it rains when you are out carrying this bag :sweatdrop:? Appreciate any feedback from you ladies thank you :smile::love:
  2. So far, I have not taken mine out when it's wet outside. I have made light scratches on my bags w/my fingernails, but if I get a soft cloth and gently rub in circular motion, the scratches go away.

    Will continue to post to this as my bag goes through different experiences. :P
  3. I just eBayed my glazed lambskin bag because it was SO fragile. In my opinion, it aged worse than lambskin. The bottom corners were worn within a month of buying the bag. And I am so careful when I store them. The glaze just seems to rub off so easily if you place it down somewhere. A lot of people on here love it, but I would not suggest it for anything more frequent than a special occasion use.
  4. I have 2 glazed flaps.....i wouldnt wear them in the rain..ever!
    today it was raining here and I wore my New caviar accordian bag instead....glazed lamb isnt meant to be worn in bad weather,IMHO!
  5. For the record, I did have my glazed bag out in the rain once. It really held up fine —*better than my lambs would have. Not that I'd routinely take it into the rain. My real issue was just the fragility of it in general, no water-related issues. :smile:
  6. sorry to hear that the bag didn't wear well along edges ilovemrjones. i'll be sure to keep an eye out for this w/my new glazed orange lambskin. i've used this one 2 days in a row already, and seems like everything is so far so good.
  7. I haven't taken mine out yet since it's snowing lightly here. However, I usually don't take out my lambskin bags in wet weather, I'd rather use my caviar tote during those days.
  8. I wonder if the glazed lambskin is going to be like the Fendi Spy lambskin bags, where depending how gently one uses the bag that the color may fade/wear along edges or often-rubbed areas (the back of the bag usually)? I guess time will tell me that... I will keep my fingers crossed that it won't do that.
  9. IMO, i think it kinda of hard to maintain and i dont think chanel is made to carry in the rain. LOL.
  10. thank you ladies for yr feedback :smile::love:

    Its a pity the glazed lambskin is so fragile....I am dying to hv the pink or burnt orange colour (after seeing what shopping247 has :P). Of coz, no one wuld want to risk taking a few thousand dollars bag in the rain but at time I will be caught in the rain when I hv yet to reach my destination and the place has no shelter !! :shrugs::sweatdrop:
  11. is the glazed lambskin harder to maintain then normal lambskin?
  12. glazed lambskin is of course more durable and easier to maintain.i only took mine out once so nth happened yet!
    sweetprincess get it if you want.not only is the pink colour just lovely,IMO the glazed lambskin is not hard to maintain.of course if u r caught in the rain,protect the bag with ur life!!haha
  13. Oh ... Hmmmm .... this when I am still comtemplating if I should just break my ban again and get the Orange glazed lamb Jumbo..... Errrr... now I am really puzzled in what I should do....:rolleyes:
  14. Hi gmbt,

    I seriously want the bag u know despite the negative feedback coz if i missed it I wont be able to get it later on given the colours are hard to get :drool::nuts:

    Hi Ice Earl,

    So u are getting the dark/burnt orange jumbo as well ? I hv tried to source it from ebay and its $3199 :wtf: I was still deciding if i should continue to source for it else where when its only $2695 in boutique right ? Its a unique colour !!! :love::heart: is there any orange jumbo at yr nearest boutique ?
  15. No orange in where I live at all, if I want it I would have to try the boutiques in US; why don't you try Hawaii Chanel? our pfer bought hers there.
    keep us posted ya...