Glazed lambskin clutch wallet - have you seen yet?

  1. I was just flipping through my Dec issue of InStyle and saw the cutest little wallets in the gift guide section...


    I could break my Chanel ban for these little cuties! The 800 Chanel CS rep said that these were in fact Cruise collection...does anyone have any recon?
  2. I saw these with a button closure as well but i have been told that the skin is in fact lama and not lambskin
  3. they are $600 cad and they have the ones with flap closure too and those are $850 i'm getting myself one but just dont know which colors!
  4. aa12, eek are these the LLAMA skin wallets that roey mentioned a while ago?

    are you getting yours at the C boutique, *pure_honey?
  5. yes i am! electric blue and lime green eeps! theres a red one too but i cant buy 3 of the same wallets! haha but the ones i'm getting have the flaps over.
  6. oops pressed enter too fast.
    the colors are really cool in my opinion!
  7. Very cute, thanks for sharing!
  8. ya they are lama. i saw them yesterday i didn't like it .
  9. i think i might need a red one!
  10. plus they are 200 less than the reissue wallets!
  11. Yeah i saw the green which was very different and i saw black, which seemed very nice, but i dont know if 850 is really worth it because i dont know how they would hold up?
  12. My SA told me that these are llama skin. That's too bad since some of the colors are really pretty, especially the electric blue. I wonder why it says that it is lambskin in the magazine.

  13. I like it! simple yet classic. really like the red color
  14. Hmm, very cute, but I just can't do a llama wallet! :shrugs:
  15. I just saw those today! They had blue, green, red, and black. And yes, it's llama skin. It's very nice though, but way too pricey for me.