Glazed Black Leather..?

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  1. Does anyone else crave this as much as I do? I think a lovely glazed black leather would be decicious. I am a huge fan of the glazed leathers!! I think they are beautiful, durable and I love the texture!

    I;m just sayin'.. wouldn't it be nice?
  2. I second this. Maybe we can still hope for Fall?
  3. The night is slighly glazed! I love the glazed but don't want it to be to the point where it is stiff. i think the night with the semi glaze and lotta smoosh is perfect!
  4. I have been thru all the searches looking for glazed black - that is the description AsterAlice has for a pre-sale MAC. I cant find anything on it. I never thought I would want a MAC until I looked at 70+ pages of NYCSS pics! I am not a dressy person, but it would be nice to have one for the few special occasions I deal with, rather than lugging a MAB around. I think I want a black ostrich but this glazed black as it may be even dressier. I do not want Patent.
  5. Ok, let me rephrase this - has ANYONE ever heard, seen or has any RM in glazed black or black glazed and if so, can you post a pic...:smile:
  6. LB has a pic of glazed brown on the site. It just has a sheen on it- kind of reminds me of some Coach leathers.
  7. Thanks! I think that finish would be suitable for a dressy need....
  8. I think there is a glazed black coming out in a few months! CHeck out the pics on for the glazed brown, it should be similar but just in black instead!
  9. Oh yeah, LB has their pre-order links up for it too. No pics of course.
  10. I didnt see the pre-order link for the I looking in the wrong place?
    Thanks least my pocketbook will be happy that its a few months...I wouldn't need it until the Holiday Season.
  11. I think I saw a MAC link, but I didn't save it since I already have black. If you get that one, it should have an adjustable strap!
  12. Since this IS gonna be a new fall bag, are there any pic's of it yet? I would love to see it!
  13. I love slightly glazed leathers like wine. I'm there with you!
  14. I'm excited to see the glazed black. The glazed brown is gorgeous! If I didn't want the 3-zip MAC in Black Haze so bad, I'd defintely be getting the glazed black instead methinks. :tup: