Glazed Almond Nikki with silver hardware... i wish

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  1. Hi, this is first post in this forum as I just got my first RM bag, the Almond Nikki with old school Gold Hardware and as much as I looooooooooove the Almond color (LOOOOOVE), I just can't get into the gold...

    When I started "researching" the different bags I saw the gorgeous Glazed Almond Nikki with the silver hardware...sigh... How long ago were those made? Is there a chance they'll make them again? (with the old hardware I'm not a fan of the new locket thing either, I guess I'm more of a minimalist ;)
  2. first of all welcome to RM!!!
    does your bag have the siggy that what you mean???,,,,i am sorry you dont like the gold....i have two bags with gold black MAB and my latte mattie...on those bags it doesnt bother general though i prefer silver as well...the GA came out a while back i believe and is now a very sought after can always hope one pops up on the bay or bonz.....
    can you return the bag???? you should try to get a bag you will love...
    and welcome again!!
  3. Hmm... Glazed Almond is a gorgeous and highly sought after color. It doesn't come around often but it does come around.

    Could I suggest the new Camel with Antique Silver hardware? It might be a nice alternative. You should check it out. :yes:
  4. thats sounds nice!! and the AS is gorgeous!!
  5. I guess mine is the minimal version :smile: if i could somehow replate it into silver ;)


    SO CLOSE! the leather is just the perfect color..sigh. I was told my return would be store credit so I thought I'd try e-baying it because I'd rather have the $ for the GA if I ever find one...

  6. checking out the camel... but I think it might be a tad too light and not "saturated" in color...I think that's why I was drawn to the Almond. If anyone sees a GA please let me know :smile:
  7. You and me both :P
  8. maybe we can special order one! :happydance:
  9. Almond is a GREAT leather. I sold my MAM because I didn't like the gold with this leather too. It's pebbly, matte and scratches buff out great!! Glazed Almond is completely different though even though the names are the same. It's a lot thicker and the leather is glazed so scratches are there to stay.

    Also, the hardware on your Almond is "new mixed gold hardware" not old school. Old school is on the Glazed Almond which is older.

    I'm going to send RM an email begging them to re-release the GA ... but now, better do something here or I'll be (g)oogling GA all day :smile:
  11. but before I go... MAGJES, you're right. unglazed Almond with silver HW would be EVEN BETTER!
  12. I don't think RM has any more glazed almond leather, but good luck!
  13. ^^^you're probably right....I'm sure they've had a million requests for this gorgy leather.
  14. I would "settle" for just the plain almond with silver HW :smile:

    I was contemplating having the HW replated by someone...but I'd have to practically take the bag apart...