Glazed Almond Matinee

  1. I came across it on shoprapunzel and I love the color. However, I noticed it says final sale. It's not on sale...are bags on this site always final sale? And are there any codes for shoprapunzel? TIA!
  2. I've never ordered from shoprapunzel, I'm sorry I can't help there but did you try searching the Deals & Steals section for codes (also try,
  3. thanks, I'm not familiar with all the sites that carry RM yet. I'll check those out.
  4. Just fyi....i have the glazed almond matinee and I looooooooove her! She is a little more structured then the others from what I can tell...but she is beautiful! (and I like the structured look on the matinee) :smile:
  5. Shoprapunzels handbags are always final sale. In all honesty, the polciy sucks. At this point, I only order from them if they are the absolute the last boutique to carry an item that I just can't find pretty much anywhere else. Their CS is just incredible (in a bad way) I called them to report I had received a damaged item and that I wasn't happy, and the owner actually got on the phone and said I could ship it back at my expense, and she would take a look at it, and if she agreed it was not up to par she would refund me, and if she happened to not agree with me, I would have to pay shipping back as well.

    Now Im sure that sounds fine and dandy to her (and other as well) but quite frankly, I wasnt happy with my product, I called them immediately after it was delivered to me, and I was interrogated as a result, and made to feel bad about calling them in the first place.

    IMO, its much more pleasant to buy from places like Shopbop and LB, and not have to deal with any of that, KWIM?
  6. I agree, GUNG. If items are always final sale from that site, that sends a huge red flag up for me. I live in an area where all you can find is D&B and Coach and so I do 95% of my shopping online. CS is very important to me so I'll keep looking.

    rileyroow07, I saw a glazed almond matinee posted in one of the picture threads...was it yours? If so it was gorgeous!!!
  7. Hi Knasarae! No, that was not mine, I can't figure out exactly how to post pictures up here!
  8. ^ That auction is for a Glazed Espresso, very different color from the Glazed Almond that you are looking for. There is one left on Use code Jt for 15% off or you could call in during business hours and ask to get the price matching code from Couture Candy for 25%, instyle08. Alternatively, if this is your first time to order from Revolve, ask for the 30% first time code. Good luck, there is only one.
  9. knasarae, if you are really interested in this bag, I'd suggest getting it from Revolve using one of their codes. You will get a great deal on the bag and will be able to return it in the event that you arent happy with it. BTW, I love the glazed almond color! Its very pretty!
  10. Oops, sorry! Totally mis-read that one.
  11. The color looks different on revolve than the first site where I saw it. Also someone mentioned glazed is a more structured leather...I prefer the really smooshy leather. So I'm not sure this is the one for me...guess I'll keep looking.