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  1. Has anyone had treatments for glaucoma? I visited an opthalmologist today because I had been having trouble with the vision in my left eye, and she said I had symptoms of glaucoma with damage to the optic nerves. I'm quite worried.
  2. My mother has it right now- she's a doctor, so if there is anything specific that you'd like to ask, PM me. Hang in there!
  3. There is treatment for it--what did your dr. say about her recommendations for you?
  4. Eyedrops..for the rest of my life, apparently...
  5. It looks like Janos614 could be a good source of info for you, medhavini. From what I know of glaucoma (a friend has it), the eyedrops are forever. Better than the alternative of gradual blindness. Thank goodness they found it before your eyesight was really impaired! Or are you already having symptoms? I have a family history of glaucoma on both parents' sides, so my dr. checks me carefully every year.

    Best wishes for successful treatment.:heart: