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  1. Ladies,

    I need a new pair of glasses and I need it bad! My current pair is broken and I have been living in my lenses recently. I want something stylish and classy. Can you ladies help me choose?

  2. i think it's hard to choose w/o knowing what you look like. in addition, i've tried glasses shopping this way before, by looking online and seeing what looks good, but it's a completely different story when you're actually wearing them. i would recommend just going to your eye doc and try on a bunch of different pairs. it's impossible to find a pair of glasses by imagining what you look like in them.
  3. Thanks! But what kind of frames are in vogue now? Big? Round? etc...
  4. I have these in Tortoise and they are AMAZING. I only need them occasionally for some reading, but I'm lucky enough that my magnification is so low that I can wear them most of the time as an accessory.

    I definitely agree that you need to go to an optical shop and try stuff on. If it's going to be on your face a lot, you'll want to know what looks good and what doesn't before you commit!
  5. i just purchased a new pair of glasses after years of wearing the same frames and i cant wait to pick them up! i had to try on many pairs of glasses before knowing which one would be right for my face, so you should do the same...
  6. The frames also should depend on the shape of you if you have a round face, square frames look best and if you have a square face, round frames look best. You'll never really know until you try them on though.
  7. [​IMG]
    I just got these and love them, but defiantly go and try them on and see what suits you.
  8. since you need a pair right away, i would recommend . there are also coupon codes floating around the internet. i would just use these for a backup pair, until you can decide on a really nice pair that you love and will use. i don't think it's a good idea to make an eyeglasses purchase under pressure! it's going to be the first thing people see when they look at your face.
  9. I can actually sort of help on this thread! My dad's an optometrist with his own office, so I love trying glasses on! Round face, rectangle glasses. Heart shaped/skinny face, oval, circular, or rectangular. Overall, round-edged rectangular glasses are probably the most universally flattering! Good luck!
  10. You absolutely should go into a store and try on glasses. If you buy off a website without trying them on first, you will have no idea what they will look like on. A pair might look good in a picture, but it may not suit your face. Some lenses overwhelm your face, some make your eyes look close together, some make it hard to read because they are shaped too small...I really don't recommend looking at pictures and then buying. Find a store that sells a brand you want and head in. That's really the smartest thing to do, because then you get exactly what you want.
  11. I see that you live in San Francisco. My optometrist doesn't stock Chanel frames either so I bought my Chanel glasses at the Lenscrafters on Market Street. They have a really good selection for Chanel frames there.
  12. Thanks everyone! i think i will go to the store next week but choosing glasses is always such a pressurizing ordeal for me because i know they're going to be on my face for at least the next two years and i better like them a LOT. anyone know of any good places in nyc that have a big stock and relatively reasonable prices? i do want designer frames but...
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    i have a pair of rimess titanium glasses..i adore them and they're virtually indestructible!!!

    mine are rounded rectangles with coral/pink titanium. it is SO nice to not get my hair caught on the screws at teh bend in the frame!!

  14. I just bought some new glasses last year, I ended up with a really cute black plastic framed pair of Gucci eyeglasses.

    What REALLY helped me was to go to my regular eyeglasses place as well as Lens Crafters, etc. And I tried on some pairs I liked and I also took camera phone pictures to really help me narrow it down while I was at home. Of course I ended up with the first pair I tried on!

    General styles though I really don't think you could go wrong with a black frame. Really anything works to be honest with you. Even metal frames if you find the right shape for your face. It all depends on what looks good in general, whatever doesn't interrupt the shape of your face I would think. For example some glasses I tried on where the top was one flowing line reminded me of a unibrow or something (lol) On me at least.