1. I just got my first pair of glasses. My eyes are going downhill. :crybaby:lol I like them, though. They're Prada. I also liked a pair of Gucci, but imo the Prada looked better on me. Just wondering if anyone else here wears glasses and who makes your frames?
  2. I wear glasses at home and contacts during the day. I've had glasses from gucci, calvin klein, bada and bevel(my faves). i've seen some nice one this weekend which left me to think i need new ones. do you have pics of yours?
  3. I have Gucci glasses but hardly wear them.
  4. I too wear glasses at home and contacts to go out in. The pair im using at the moment are Bvlgari.
  5. My glasses are for distance only.
  6. I usually wear contacts but I do put my glasses on once in awhile...they're anne klein, i like 'em a lot

    my eyes suck...just about everyone in my family wears glasses/contacts and in my husbands family....our kid is probably going to need glasses too :cursing:

  7. Not really a great pic, but you can see their color and shape well.
  8. Yep I need them for distance mine are Chanel
  9. I use contacts in the day and glasses at night. I just ordered a pair of Fendi glasses and can't wait for them to arrive.
  10. Ninety-nine percent of the time I wear my contact (just one) and have glasses by FCUK.
  11. I had to - not any more. I used Ray-Bans
  12. May I ask why don't anymore? I'm so nosey. :p
  13. I wear contacts a lot, but I have glasses by DKNY.
  14. I have been wearing glasses for the last 3 years.

    I've had glasses since elementary but they were never that bad so I never wore them. My prescription still isn't that bad, but bad enough that things are quite blurry when I'm without them.

    I have two in rotation right now. I also wear a pair of Prada's and a pair of Chanels.
  15. my first pair of glasses were armanis. now i have a pair of ray bans.