Glass beaded necklace

  1. Since joining the forum, Chanel seems to be stepping up its presence here. Time to get a grip on myself. Took a bit of calling/searching to find this necklace before locating it in Hawaii.

  2. Ohhh very cute!! It looks great on you, congratulations! :smile:
  3. ooohhh! verrrryyy nice! :yes:
  4. Very pretty and unique. I really like it!
  5. Love it! :heart: Lucky you!
  6. Very unique!
  7. Very cute. Congratulations!
  8. Congrats!
    They look great on you! :yes:
  9. Congrats! It's a beautiful necklace.
  10. I like it! wear it with a nice and sexy V neck blouse ;)
  11. I got the necklace to fill in the gap, so to speak, with spring.summer v necks. I figured while the "hasbeen" had his camera out to take a pic. I wouldn't be wearing this with cuddleduds,a sweater and fleece pants, believe you me!! (Hasbeen is a term of endearment. He's a great guy who shops the boutique for me!! How great is that?)