glasgow help

  1. hello all,
    im visiting glasgow at the begining of march for a party my dads employer is putting on.
    iv never been before and wanted some suggestions of where to go and what to see on the friday night and during the day on saturday.
  2. Depends what you want to do Cherry. Glasgow is fabulous for amongst other things Shopping, Eating, Drinking, Clubbing and Museums.

    Sauchiehall Street is where alot of the bars, clubs and eateries are.
  3. sorry, i should have said. we want to know where to eat on the friday night and something to do on the saturday. maybe a gallery and some shopping. are there ny good vintage shops?
  4. Buchanan Street/Sauchiehall are great. You could take a train to Edinburgh for a day trip too!
  5. Bit late, but I saw this thread and meant to reply. I grew up in Glasgow but sadly don't live there anymore...

    What kind of food do you like?
    I've not been over to the west end for a while but you probably want to go there on the Saturday. There are lots of great restaurants and quirky shops. Get the underground to Hillhead, this takes you out onto Byres Road, think if you go down Ashton Lane (lane to the left of the subway entrance) then turn right there are some great pubs there, I fondly remember having a few raspberry beers in one of them...
    Also if you cross the road directly in front of the underground station, there's a few little lanes on that side that I know have some vintage shops.

    From that area it's not far to Kelvingrove Art Gallery (think you get the underground to Kelvinhall for this).
  6. I don't know much about Glasgow, but I know they have good shopping;)