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  1. I thought I would share a couple photos of the new glam tote that I picked up with my PCE. She is delightful in her purpleness. I am normally a leather girl but I am always a sucker for purple. Her lining is also TDF! I was also able to see the one in red, which was also delightful and may have to consider getting especially since I do not own anything in red.

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  2. OMG! I am so jealous. I have been waiting to see an IRL pic of this! Thank you, and awesome choice.

    ETA: If this comes out in a groovy, swing, or Jazzy, I am definitely getting one!
  3. very pretty, OP -- I luv the gold & purple.

  4. The purple on purple totally made my day! I also LOVE the new style glam tote when compared to the older style. I also love the gold handles, which I hope don't end up flaking. I am excited to use this as a school bag on days when I don't feel like a backpack and purse. I would totally recommend this one even if it doesn't come out in the other styles. Oh, and I have been playing with the zipper and have not had any issues with it sticking like has been reported with other glam totes.
  5. I want a Purple Coach!! I love this one, but I wasn't sure about the gold for myself! :biggrin: It's TOO cute, though!!!
  6. i love love your new tote!
  7. LOVE it! Too cute!!
  8. Gorgeous! Congratulations on the buy :smile:
  9. Congrat's she is lovely~
  10. It is all about purple these days! Very pretty, congrats :woohoo:
  11. cute! Congrats
  12. Yummy!!
  13. I LOVE IT!! I hope they make this color combo in the Poppy swing, 2 pockets in front and crossbody, oh that maybe my dream HG!! LOVE THE PURPLE!!
  14. Verrry cute!
  15. I love your glam tote!!!