Glamourgirl! Question about the HH Dominique that you had....

  1. Hi there,
    Did the Dominique in Cream have the blue Paul Marrot lining? Thanks!
  2. I'm sorry...I don't remember the exact color of the lining though I want to say that it had a beige background with blues, greens, reds, and yellows in it...It was pretty but a canvas type material which I didn't really care for because I sometimes spill or stain the linings of my bags and like something a little more luxe than canvas. It would have been tdf on silk!
    Its just me though...I'm really particular about linings and have actually returned bags that I thought were pretty but just had really ugly or high maintenance linings...If you don't mind cotton/canvas though, you'll love it! It is pretty darn gorgeous! :yes:
  3. I thought it might be the lighter flower print one..darn! Thanks for the info!
  4. Hey, thanks Glamour girl! I thought it was that exact one :smile: