Glamour UK Woman of the Year

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  1. List of winner:

    • Woman of the Year - Victoria Beckham
    • Entrepreneur of the Year - Victoria Beckham
    • Nokia Newcomer of the Year - Freeman Agyeman
    • Accessory Designer of the Year - Anya Hindmarch
    • Band of the Year - Girls Aloud
    • Writer of the Year - Teri Hatcher
    • TV Personality of the Year - Charlotte Church
    • Film Actress of the Year - Sienna Miller
    • Film-Makers of the Year - Tracey Seaward and Christine Langan
    • International Solo Artist of the Year - Beyonce Knowles
    • Fashion Designer of the Year - Luella Bartley
    • UK Solo Artist of the Year - Amy Winehouse
    • Sportswoman of the Year - Zara Phillips
    • Presenter of the Year - Fearne Cotton
    • Radio Personality of the Year - Sara Cox
    • Funny Woman of the Year - Catherine Tate
    • Outstanding Contribution - Dame Helen Mirren
    • Inspiration Award - Angelina Jolie
    • Man of the Year - Eric Mabius

    On the pics:
    Kim Cattrall

    Sienna Miller

    Teri Hatcher

    Attached Files:

  2. Kimberly Steward

    Victoria Beckham (more pics in the Beckham's thread)

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  3. Writer of the Year -Teri Hatcher? What has she written?
  4. didn't she right some book about her child abuse - toast something I think

    It completely bombed
  5. Some HQ's.
  6. xxxRosexxx
  7. xxxRosexxx
  8. xxxRosexxx
  9. xxxRosexxx
  10. What is VB wearing? Looks weird to me.
  11. Glad to see that Anya Hindmarch and Luella got recognized, they are both great!
  12. VB looks ridiculous. What's with the nude pantyhose???
  13. This is what THE Woman of the Year wear, of course. Duh! LOL I can see she got a brazilian. So NOT cute.
  14. VB has to upstage everyone all the time. Weddings included. It's like an obsession.
  15. Thanks for posting the pics. I may not like what everyone is wearing, but enjoy the opportunity to check everyone out.