Glamour moms, designer diaper bags???

  1. Or don't bother? :confused1:

    I've been shopping for diaper bags lately. I would like all your opinions, pros and cons of buying a designer one. Please let me know if you have one and what brand it is, Gucci, LV etc. WHile we're talking about diaper bags, how many did you all end up with and do you gravitate towards using just one or do you rotate?

    I recently looked at the Prada one. It is black nylon with many compartments which I liked. I think they will help keep things organized. It also has the usual changing pad and a towel/burp cloth velcroed in their own compartment. AT $945, it's pretty steep, however it's all black so I know my husband won't mind carrying it and it's a good size so I know everything will fit in it. To date I haven't seen one with the amount of compartments that I like.

  2. I haven't invested in one yet, but I am thinking about it. I would probably go with Prada just because I know that the Nylon bags are sooo durable and easy to take care of. It will probably last forever.
  3. I don't use a custom diaper bag;I just use any one of my huge handbags.

    Favourites: Medium YSL Downtown Bag (hands down!! ):yahoo:

    Chloe unquited Bay bag

    Large YSL Muse.

    My baby is very young and I am still exclusively breastfeeding though,so I have no feeds to lug around. I carry bottom wipes,nappies/diapers,scented plastic bags for soiled clothes and diapers (feel much better throwing them in other people's garbage that way ),a couple of changes of clothes, muslin squares and burp cloths.I put all of these things together in a bag inside my handbag.

    And then I still have space for my make-up,purse,cell phone,keys,etc. With the Downtown I can even fit in a bit of shopping or a couple of toys....LOL!
  4. I'm no glamour mom, but as rebellion against a houseful of boys, my diaper bag is a pink Juicy Couture diaper bag(with a blue changing pad as a nod to the fact the baby is a boy). I haven't seen a lot of reviews for the LV one, but the Kate Spade and Prada ones get good buzz. As do the Petunia Pickle Bottoms,the kind Julia Roberts carries.
  5. I say yes, absolutely if 2 things happen:
    1} you have the money :biggrin:
    2} you'll be able to use it for more than one child.
  6. i personally don't care as long as it's big, however, it's my mom-in-law who is very into designer stuffs, so i ended-up having 3 diaper bags (all bought by her): 1 juicy couture (which i thought is super cute) and 2 GUCCI baby bags, i don't rotate, i didn't use the juicy one; the gucci bags i use 1 for everyday and 1 for travelling, they don't have that many compartments, to organize, i use lots of zipper plastic bags -- 1 for diaper, 1 for snacks, 1 baby bottle n milk, etc
  7. I love the coach diaper bags so much, I use them as totes too.
  8. I didn't carry a designer diaper bag because that's what it is......a diaper bag. I couldn't see spending the money for carrying diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. and having it potentially get ruined or dirty by setting it down on the ground. Also, what's more important......your baby or a designer diaper bag? I don't think they really care.
  9. I'm a little leary of spending any significant amount of money on diaper bags simply b/c I'd hate to do it and then wind up leaking formula, ointment or something else on it. With dd, I wasn't into bags yet, so I just had some run-of-the-mill diaper bags that got pretty beat up. This time, I may use some of my larger bags for quick trips, but I don't think I'm going to invest in an expensive diaper bag just b/c I know me and I'd freak if I accidentally ruined it.
  10. I don't think this comment makes much sense{?}
    No one is comparing importance of a baby vs a bag! LOL!
    Judging by the intense success of this website, I'd assume a handbag plays an important role in most of our lives, makes sense that as our lives change, our bags might need to as well.
    No reason we can't still enjoy a swanky diaper bag
    It's not about the baby, of course THEY don't care. But they also don't care if they were Garanimals, Carters or Burberry.
    I also doubt they care of they ride in a navy and white polka dotted stroller or a green plaid one. . . but WE still get to enjoy making these decidions! :biggrin:
  11. i wouldn't spend a fortune on a diaper bag, you want something lightweight that you can throw around. bottles will spill, food will leak, it will have goldfish in the bottom of it eventually....
  12. ^^I hope you mean crackers,lol.
  13. Great input from all of you. I too am contemplating a designer bag. I was considering buying a large bag in which I could fit all the essential baby items. Unfortunately those big designer bags don't have many compartments unlike the ones made specifically to be a diaper bag. How important is having compartments as far as keeping things organized?
  14. With my first baby, I bought a kate spade "newbury" diaper bag...which cost about $395 brand new; fortunately I got it on sale. I loved it because it had the compartments for baby bottles, wipes and diapers. It was roomy enough to fit my accessories as well as the baby's things. Downside was that it didn't fit under the stroller easily...I had to stuff it into the basket under the stroller. It was great for travel as well, as a carry-on. But I loved having a designer diaper bag.

    With my second baby, I bought a huge Isabella Fiore handbag (again about $450 retail but really stunning, always gets noticed). This is not a diaper bag, but it has compartments that I could stuff a bottle in, and a couple of zippered pouches for my essentials. I love this bag because it's not a traditional diaper bag, is very stylish yet has the room for everything.

    Yes diaper bags get dirty, food and milk spills in them, but if you are conscientious about appearance and want to feel great carrying a stylish bag... then it makes a difference to have something designer.

    I admit, that I miss carrying a handbag... but eventually you can stuff the baby items into a kid's mini-backpack and you can carry your designer handbag again.

    For me, having a designer baby bag was so much fun. You use it so much and have to carry it with you everywhere, you might as well love it.
  15. I haven't seen any designer diaper bags that I like, so I'm considering a Balenciaga Work this time around.

    I have to say, my current diaper bags (StorkSak Gigi and Henry Brown Mackie) didn't get dirty at all after a year of use.