Glamour mag Victoria Beckham cover Mar. issue

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  1. Chanel makeup, the lipstick is Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color in Rose Com`ete
    the details are on the bottom of page of the 3rd page in the table of contents
  2. ah, I saw that, but thanks clb. I got the impression that that's what they suggestyou use to get the look, not what they actually used- -like chanel is a big advertiser or something. I guess what I should've said, was "what do you think the MAC dupes are for this look?;)
  3. ^I def want to know too. I love that look! The lipstick is gorgeous.
  4. the lipstick is probably the Chanel one mixed with something else.. but it looks great
  5. and might add. VB is just outrageous...
  6. It's funny that you mention this because I was thinking I want to go out just so I can try to recreate her eye makeup... I love that bronzey color with the liner... lucky for me I'm going out Saturday night haha
  7. love VB makeup ..and is fairly easy to recreate..
  8. I loved her makeup on the cover! Especially her eye makeup. Too bad I can't use liquid liner to save my life, though. haha
  9. Very pretty look! I tried this lipstick on today and its not the exact same, Atleast not on me anyway

  10. all the Chanel rouge coco lipsticks looked very different on me as

    well.. the colors read very different than on the website:nuts:
  11. ^I saw it at the Chanel counter and it looks nothing like it. I think the Lady GAGA Viva Glam make look similar so once my MAC counter gets it I'm going to try it out.