Club Glam tote heaven...Clubhouse!! <3

  1. Yea! Its the first bag in years that I paid FP for! I got it at Macys when they first came out and the $50.00 gift card I had from christmas helped. Honestly, I would have bought even without a gift card! :graucho:
  2. so excited...and with 3 kids..i needs something..nice, not too delicate, big, and comfy..sounds like the tote is the perfect everyday bag for me!!
  3. I almost got that one then opted for legacy stripe instead. I might still get that one at some point though, it's so pretty. Love the pink metallic on the c's!
  4. Thanks Mandy!
  5. Awesome!!!
  6. Wow... I've never even really known about this bag.. getting back into Coach after a while ;) Just ordered this bag (thanks to your enabling) with the facebook coupon.. can't wait to get her!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Awesome!! Can't wait for the reveal:smile:
    Did you order the black??
  8. I love being an enabler! :lol:

    You'll love it, it's so comfy and versatile. Congrats on your purchase!
  9. I have 4 and just love this style. I have the light tan with gold handles, tartan, the new black sateen and the silver leather. They fill up but don't get heavy... Ahhhh perfection!
  10. :lol: and I enabled you, and now you have two. And it's all you're fault I'm saving for the black/black one now. It's a never-ending enabling circle.
  11. Oh no! Now I want that new black one with the wide handles too! I like the "slouch" in the middle when the handles are separated more. I see them on the Macy's website so I may just be ordering tomorrow... 25% off!

  12. your photo was enabling..... OMG!

    Sorry I just had to do it.. I never noticed the detail on the "c" before.
  13. Ha ha! The pink sparkle thread they used around the c's is beautiful! Especially in the sun! Congrats!
  14. You sure did! And I might just get a third if I get another PCE! LOL
  15. An even better one .... OMG!!