Club Glam tote heaven...Clubhouse!! <3

  1. is that brown or black?

  2. Here's mine after a long day of work! I just love this bag!
    ebay 034.jpg
  3. so it comfy on the shoulders?
  4. It is very comfy on the shoulders! With the straps farther apart than the old version its easy to throw over your shoulder!
  5. great///i purchased a brass/khaki/bronze one on mon. and now im thinking of getting a black/black one as well especially if its comfy on the shoulders..thats a definite plus...cant wait till i get it!
  6. LOL! I am thinking about getting the brass/khaki/bronze one with my facebook coupon!
  7. i saw it irl and just loved it..the color combo was awesome and i really liked how the "c"s blended in with the thats why im considering black on black...i dont really like the "c"s to it on others but not really me..
  8. You ladies are making me excited for my silver/black/black I got using the FB coupon. It just left Jacksonville!!!!!
  9. Its definately a bag you will want in alot of colors! Enjoy yours!
  10. She is looking all stuffed!!
    And tempting.......
  11. perfect colours for spring - so pretty.
  12. This bag is very comfy on the shoulder even when over stuffed:smile:
  13. Good to know.. Will fit over a jacket easier..
  14. I have used my first season one for travel (black) .. It's stuffed with everything under the sun and then some and still comfy..

    Looking for a summery one and was planning the dove/silver:smile: but after seeing that khaki/rose
    I'm going to have to see what hits the outlet when I get to Vegas.

    I have to say this is one bag I would pay fp for if I had too.
  15. I agree with you....
    I wish I could use my fb coupon....