Club Glam tote heaven...Clubhouse!! <3

  1. I got one..luv it!
  2. I was originally gonna buy that one, but saw it in person, It is much more vibrant in pics, so I cancelled my order, but if I found it at an outlet for less than $100 I'd totally jump on it.
  3. Yes, I'm really enjoying mine! I especially love the vibrant lime green lining! If you found a great price on it I'd highly recommend it - it's a great summer bag!
  4. Are you going to get one? I LOVE this bag, seriously....

    Oooh, that is too cute! Love the coral contrast.

    I wanted this but ended up getting the same fabric in another style (the one with the two pushlock pockets on the front...the name escapes me at the moment). I did so because I happened to find it at 50% at Nordie's but if I saw the glam at a good price, I'd snatch it up and back would go the other one!
  5. Anyone after this bag in fuchsia? It's on my pce list along with the cute flip flop charm..

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  6. Glam tote with pink handles at my outlet for $70 great price. I think I should go back and get one after viewing your bags!
  7. do you have a pic of this one?
  8. The glam tote with pink handles (metallic) was $198 with 40% off at my factory outlet today. Had it been $70, I'd have brought her home with me.
  9. Thanks ladies! I got the legacy stripe. There is no outlet near me but I got it for $130 at a dept store. I love it so far & can't believe how much stuff I can fit in there!
  12. Yay! Welcome to the glam tote club!
  13. Excellent! I'm totally jealous ;)

  14. How many of you got the Placed FLower tote? I see so many of them on eBay-at crazy prices too!

    IS it the same material as last year's Pierre Le Tan totes?

    I'm really thinking I'd like one!
  15. They are on the current factory sale ;)

    I keep getting tempted by it!