Glam Haul :)

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  1. Over the last few months, I purchased quite a few Glam Totes! I love them!! :heart:

    below is a list of all the colors and about how much I paid for each one before tax. they were all purchased at the outlet except for one. :tup:

    1. Silver $66
    2. Fuchsia $83
    3. Khaki/Petal Pink $83
    4. Madras $83
    5. Dream C $94
    6. Legacy Stripe $108
    7. Ikat $66
    8. Denim Print $83
    9. Multicolor Montage (got this one at Macy's... it was $149 but I had $130 in gift cards so it was about $28 after those)
    10. Stardust $101
    11. Anthracite $101

    here they are! :biggrin: just wanted to share my excitement! :yahoo:

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  2. WoW! Love them!
  3. Wow, that is an awesome collection. I have been wondering how different the anthracite and stardust are....makes me think I need the stardust ;)
  4. WOW!!!! Fabulous collection!! I love glam totes, they are the best bags-so light and they hold so much of our girl stuff :smile:
    Love the pics too, all professional with that background-great job
  5. Wow! You have scored some great deals and I love your collection of glams!
  6. You've been busy!
  7. Wow, that's a lot of glam! My favorite is the legacy stripe glam. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Do ya thang gal!!!
  9. Wowsy! They are beautiful.
  10. Have you used any? How are you enjoying them?
  11. Wow! Those are all beautiful! I love the anthracite, the legacy stripe and the silver/white!

    I do not have a glam tote, almost bought one but got the Kristin hobo instead. Methinks I need to make sure I get one :smile: I want the black/black sig print :smile:
  12. Wow, that is an awesome collection of glam totes. I love them but they are a little too big for me, I want to get one of the small totes.
  13. I love them!! My favorite would be the Montage, such pretty colors :smile: Nice collection at great prices, enjoy.
  14. Wow! That's a great collection of Glams! I have two, and it is a great bag.
  15. Nice collection! Twins on the Stardust and Anthracite - I'm carrying the latter one right now :smile: One of my faves.