Gladys Tote 2 zip or 3 zip??

  1. Gladys Lovers! Help, I want to buy her, just not sure if I should go with the 2 zip or 3 zip? :hrmm:
  2. I much prefer the two zip over the three zip. My favorite color is olive, but the other day, on LVR I saw the turquoise which looked amazing too. The three zip is very very long and I don't find it well balanced if I want to carry it on my shoulder. I also don't like it when I let my arm all the way down because it hangs so low to the ground.

    Good luck and definitely post pics!! I would love to see what you end up getting!!
  3. Thanks BalenciagaLove!
    I was looking at the grey 2 zip and the only 3 zip I've seen is black in the tote. I've seen the 3 zip hobo in brown, but I'm more of a tote person. I do love the olive, but I have a green betty.
    I will post pics!
  4. The grey zip is nice too! I liked the olive because it's such a different color. I found the olive zip at Nordstroms at Fashion Valley Mall. Some Nordstroms are having a sale on the Gladys too, so if so, you should be able to pick it up for 40% off. Good luck! Let me know if you need any phone numbers.

    Also, if you can, please post pics of your green betty too. I love it in that color also!
  5. 40% off! THANKS! I will check with Nordstrom. BalenciagaLove, are you thinking about Gladys? Also, I think Gladys is being retired, which makes me want her more ....... yes, silly I know.
  6. I am definitely thinking of the Gladys to round out my Chloe collection. I'm just not sure of taking the leap quite yet though. Because as neat as it would to have it, I need to think about it instead of getting carried away. All these sales have been bad for my bank account.

    EDIT: I also think that the Gladys will be retired. She hasn't done too well in sales.
  7. YES, Gladys is being retired! I like the size of the 2 zip tote, but the 3 is funky! Ohhhhh Turquoise - I need to check LVR.
  8. Anyone else?? 2 or 3?
    Thanks BalenciagaLove & pursesuader.
  9. Another vote for 2 zip,if you have to have one.As mentioned,the 3-zip is just too unbelievably enormous,and very disproportionately long. I'm 5'2....I didn't want to touch Gladys,she was that horrible,but I'm pretty sure that if hand held my be she'd drag on the ground.

    Very impractical bag.

    I think that gladys is extremely overpriced for what it is...a not terribly goodlooking,rather non-descript kind of bag. The sales have reflected that.
  10. LOL, thanks QuirkyCool!
    Well problem solved ........... for anyone that likes Gladys, you can take the 3 zip and make it a 2 zip by zipping the bottom 2 zippers. I tried it and found her at 40% off ....... now to pick a color!