Gladys or Kerala??

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Which one would you like to be seen with?

  1. Gladys Tote

  2. Kerala Tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Setting the Paddys and Ediths aside, just wondering if you would prefer a Gladys or a Kerala??
  2. [​IMG]Kerala Tote....or [​IMG]Gladys Tote (Medium)
    I voted for the Gladys, I like the horizontal style better.
  3. I prefer the Kerala tote.
  4. Thanks Pursemama for posting the pics... :lol: I totally thought I did that but guess not! :shame:
  5. Kerala
  6. Prefer the Kerala, it's dressier. To many zippers on the Gladys.
  7. i like the gladys bag!
  8. Gladys...hands sown
  9. i like the kerala better.
  10. i like the kerala better as well, for some reason.
  11. The Kerala is nice, but the Gladys is more unique and fun. More "sporty." The zippers give it that little something, since it is a pretty straightforward style. I vote Gladys.
  12. Taupe Gladys 3-zip :love:
  13. Gladys 3 Zip Hobo in Chocolate :love:!
  14. I agree! I'm not loving the particular size/style of the two choices so it's hard to vote! But between the two, Kerala.
  15. I like the Kerala in the satchel or E/W style better, so I would have to go with the Gladys in the style shown, but in a choco or black color.