Gladys for $837 and Metallic Betty at NM

  1. Went to NM today to visit Lisa! I missed the Chloe trunk show last night, so she showed me the pics. OMG! I am dying for a Medium Betty now more than ever, and the new Paddington Hobo or Tote (have both on order so I can check them out).

    Ok- here is what the do have:

    Grey Gladys on sale 60% off for $837 (was $1995)
    Gorgeous Metallic Large Betty ($1995)
    Camel (don't know technical name) Medium Betty ($1700)

    They also have some of the new Paddies and Ediths- call Lisa for details because I had my son with me and could not write it all down.

    Lisa (248) 635-8442
  2. Wow, Gladys for $837! She is discontinued --- someone should get her! I'm on a spending freeze --- deep freeze!
  3. ^^^ Me too! And she is gorgeous too!
  4. They had a few new paddies too, and this new edit
    [​IMG] Re: HOLY NEW EDITH'S!!!! We're all screwed!

    Shoulder Edith Bag


    I have to say it was HUGE in person. Too big for me, but I loved this color! It's gorgeous IRL!
  5. i can't belive i'm asking this but which gladys style?
  6. OMG! I wish I knew- I will go try and find a pic of what I saw. It looks like a Tote with several zippers. Will try and find a pic for you!
  7. oh you are so sweet! thanks so much for finding that photo. what an amazing bag at an amazing price! okay please someone buy it quick before i completely lose whatever slim sense of fiscal responsibility i'm holding onto now...

    and again jag thanks very much for posting the info and taking the time to find the style as well!
  8. My pleasure! Glad I could help!
  9. Buy it nycmom!!
  10. I saw that shoulder Edith in my NM a few days ago, I like how the shoulder strap comes off. I liked that size of that bag, but wanted it in a different color, which they didn't have. So I passed on it. But now that I see it again oin a picture, I'm starting to love it again.​

  11. I also just found out that NM is getting a HUGE shipment of Ediths: Whiskey, Ivory, Chocolate Brown, and Grey.

    They also just got in the Paddy Hobo and Tote in Black and Seafoam (but I think its called Gris Vert)