Gladiator sandels???

  1. hey guys,

    was wondering if any of you know of any gladiator sandels... been looking for a nice pair for agess but alas no success...

    So i decided to ask u guysss since u know a loooooooooooot about shoes.

  2. marc jacobs made a pair last season. i wear them all the time, i think you'd have to find them on eBay since they're a year old.
  3. Are you looking for heels or flats? from what I remember seeing in magazines and such I really liked the gladiators designed by Balenciaga and Givenchy. Chanel cruise collection 06 showed us some of the knee high sandals as well. which style is closer to what you are looking for?
    Balenciaga.jpg Chanel-Cruis06.jpg MariaBonitaExtraSuede.jpg Pucci.jpg StuartWeitzman.jpg
  4. They have a fantastic pair in Zara at the moment, they have them in silver and gold, and they really are lovely.


    Good luck, hope you find some you like soon