Gladiator sandals-still in style?

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  1. I thought these sandals were cute and look comfortable, but I realized I haven't seen many gladiator styles this season. I know a lot of other sandal styles have become popular. Do gladiators look outdated?
  2. They are definitely cute and look way comfy! :yes:

    I don't think simple gladiators (any multi-strap sandal w/ or w/o buckles) will ever go out of style. I feel like the knee-high, flat gladiator sandals and knee-high, stiletto heel gladiators are the trendiest interpretations and will fall in and out of style, but the ones you posted are pretty classic and super wearable. I mean, I don't even think of those as gladiators...they're just strappy wedge sandals. :yes: I say if you like the style and they're comfortable, keep em!
  3. Does anyone else want to weigh in on these? I'm having such a hard time deciding! This season every sandal is either like a Birkenstock or too high and delicate. I work in a creative in which I have to be stylish but comfortable and I am having so much trouble finding sandals that are stylish enough but still practical.