Glad to be back

  1. Hi, gals! I'm hoping you could take me back after my absence on this forum:sad:

    I've been really busy with work and other stuff. I'm so glad to see things are friendly again and such great talk has been going on. Anyway, I probably will get to visit only once every few days, but I just wanted to say how much I missed you, and I noticed a couple of newcomers, so HI!:smile:

    BTW, I was in Beverly Hills, and as I was driving down Santa Monica Blvd., I saw a lady with the most gorgeous red croc Birkin! I had to share it with you gals cuz I can't imagine squealing over this with anyone I work or hang out with (I love them dearly, but none of them can understand the value of a gorgeous designer bag. To them, a Nine West bag is just the same).
  2. Hello pr1nc355!!!!! So Good To See You & Your Gorgeous Collection!!!!!!!

    Red Croc Birkin....Yum!!!!!!!! You Are Too Funny Nine West!!!!
  3. Welcome back P! Thx for sharing your red croc sighting---that must have been awesome!
  4. Hi P!!!!! Nice to see you again! Thought we'd lost you too!

    LOL on the Nine West! I understand though....only too well!!!
  5. Welcome back!!!! :flowers: :flowers:
  6. Hi P!! Good to see you back!!!!! We missed you! :heart:
  7. ...welcome Back!!:nuts: :yes: :yahoo:
  8. Welcome back!!!!

    hey, you coming to the Vegas gathering, right?:flowers:
  9. Welcome back!!! :flowers:
  10. Welcome back Pr1nc!!! :flowers: I would be too if I see a red croc birkin.
  11. Welcome back!!!! :yahoo:
  12. Welcome back, Princess! :flowers:
  13. Thanks so much, you guys! I really appreciate your welcomes.

    Kou, so sorry, but I can't make it to Vegas. With my work schedule, I'd have to actually file vacation to make it, and I've used up all my paid days off for this year (I've had to use them as sick days...thanks to the little kiddies I see who carry their little germs with them:yucky: , but they're so cute I have to forgive them:angel: ).
  14. Welcome back princ!! Missed you so much!
  15. Welcome back!

    Duh, I just caught on to the "Princess" in your username thanks to not too swift these days! :P