Glacier blue city bag with RH ?? Any pics?

  1. I`m thinking now to get a Glacier -blue city with:confused1:
    regular hardware.
    Does anyone have a pic availabe....should I get it?

    I`m not sure if I have seen this color....:nuts:
  2. The color is gorgeous.:yes: My NM as of Sat had one Work w/RH and one Weekender w/GH. Both had veiny leather. :sad: If the leather was not so veiny i would have grabed the Work one.:crybaby:
  3. Anybody has a pic available?
    That would be sooo helpful, actually I have now
    a hobo in the Aqua with GH coming...:heart:
  4. Here you go. This pic belongs to "ray". She was comparing it with her Cornflower Work.:smile:
  5. Here are two pics, sent to me by an SA at Nordstrom Sacramento:


    Balenciaga Spring 07 003.jpg cities.jpg
  6. Thanks would be nice to see a pic with
    RH next to GH.
    Does anyone have a city with RH.
    Please post a pic.
    Appreciate it.
  7. :yahoo: :yahoo: Fiatflux....your the best...thanks so much.
    Awsome pic...thanks sweety:heart:
  8. :confused1: Which one is the glacier....the one on the left I
  9. Yes...the leftmost in both pics. :yes:

    The other two are Anthracite & Aquamarine ... and the SA said that the Aquamarine appears greener in real life. I think she said something about the Blue Glacier looking different in real life also, but I was only half listening :sad:. If you want you can call her @ Nordstrom Sacramento...her name is Sarah and she's wonderful!!

    916-646-2400 ext. 1258
  10. Thanks Fiatflux.....I`m gona think about it.:jammin:
  11. I saw this color for the first time today at Susan's in SF. (With regulat hardware) The color was pretty but wasn't even on the bags I saw.
  12. Hey ladies. I am a lurker and never post, but I just got my RH Bleu Glacier City today from BalNY and I love it. It is veiny, but I think it looks great that way. It definitely adds character to the bag. It is a wonderful blue. It has a grey undertone. I can post pics for you when I get home. My bag definintely looks different than the one in the Nordstrom pics.
  13. can you elaborate a bit on how it looks different?
  14. Wow, lvmizi5...please post pics tonight.
    I really want to see your bag...thanks for your
  15. Sure. In terms of bag is definitely a blue-grey and the bag in the picture looks to have a slight purple quality to it. More like the Cornflower, but with more grey. Does that make sense? And because it is veiny, it looks very vintage.