Glace Zippers Tote on NM for $837.75

  1. Glad someone got it. They had it in the black earlier tonite but I wanted the grey. So I kept checking and poof it was there then I put it in my shopping cart and when I went to checkout it was gone. You have to be fast. Congrats!
  2. I'm sorry. It's hard when you've decided to spend that much money, trying to check out, and then it's gone.
  3. Did you get the black or gray? Post pictures when you get it. It looks wonderful!
  4. I got the grey one. I really like it. I'll try to post pics. I saw the bowler version on Bluefly.
  5. congrats!
    I tried to snag one - but they were sold out.Darn.
  6. Don't give up yet. I've bought so many bags lately that I'm feeling guilty and may send it back. I'll post here if I do.
  7. Please do. I would love to get that bag.